Wednesday, 24 April 2019

1st Birthday Eco Gift Ideas

In the run up to Philip's 1st birthday (how is that happening so soon?!) I thought I would share his favourite toys in the recent weeks (and months in some case).

Below is a little round-up of our most played with toys as well as toys that don’t receive any attention (perhaps yet, time will tell!). I encourage a lot of independent play from Philip so I focused on the toys that he’s reaching out for the most often himself rather than being guided by me.

Grimm’s Large Rolling Rainbow

We bought this for Philip for his first Christmas but only since he started crawling it’s been getting attention. He loves watching it roll towards him as well as rolling it himself and then chasing after it. It makes a lovely, although a loud, sound and he really enjoys bashing it trying to make it jingle! It’s such a beautiful toy and mesmerising to watch. I look forward to showing him, how to use it on sloping surfaces.

Hellix Mini

Hellix Mini is an absolute favourite in our house! It’s an investment toy that is more of a toy-furniture hybrid than a toy you’ll use for a few months only. Philip loves climbing it, cruising around it and pushing toys through the slats and holes. I often set up invitations to play/destroy for him when I need to do some chores – at this age, it’s as simple as stacking some Lanka Kade animals or Grimm’s rainbow arches on the Hellix and letting him choose what he wants to do with them (spoiler alert: it usually involves throwing them off or shoving them one by one through the holes!). It’s also a good containment toy because often Philip is quite happy sitting inside of the Hellix and playing with his other toys.

Lanka Kade Animals

I love our Lanka Kade collection and they really do survive even the most furious throwing (you might get an impression at this point that Philip likes throwing things). At the moment, Philip is only playing (himself) with the smallest ones so these are the ones that I would recommend getting at this age: goose, frog, rabbit, snail, mouse etc. They make a lovely sound when whacked together and are a perfect size for little hands!

Grimm's Rainbow

We have the double stacker rainbow and the Sunset rainbow and the sunset is more preferred by Philip. He loves playing with the larges arches the most and again, they lend themselves to a variety of play: stacking, pushing (the curve is a nice twist!), rocking.

IKEA Pots and Kitchen Utensils

These two sets (pans and utensils) are very cheap and durable. They are such a firm favourite with Philip and work well with the Hellix too – he loves banging and bashing and pushing all the parts! I also use pots and pans with this edible playdough which is a great sensory fun.

Hellion Typeblocks

Typeblocks - the perfect teething help!
These colourful little blocks are Philip’s favourite along the Lanka Kade animals. I think he enjoys that they are quite flat as he can handle them much better in his small chubby paws – for example he rarely plays with the blocks that came with our Plan Toys walker even though I keep them in the same box(es). Again, they make a lovely sound when bashed together (endless entertainment) and are great for all sorts of play: sorting, pushing and stacking. I also really look forward to continuing playing with them as Philip grows up – teaching colours and sorting by colour, making them into letters and words.

Toys that don’t get much love from Philip at the moment:

1. Wankel – perhaps he’s still a little bit too young for it. I play with it with him every now and again but he doesn’t show any interest in stacking or taking it apart.

2. Colourful texture books – these might have to go to the loft soon as he’s definitely not showing any interest in them anymore.

3. Shape sorters – we have the Plan Toys Owl Shape Sorter and Mellisa & Doug Ark with animals and sadly Philip’s not yet interested in playing with them.


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