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11 Month Munchkin Update

UNCHKIN 11 Month Update

I know every parent says this but whoa, I can't believe that this time next month I will have a one year old – a toddler! Although I have seen the term ‘bobbler’ around – baby + toddler which I much prefer as I feel like it describes Philip a lot better!

It was a month of big changes for Philip. He’s trying really hard to communicate with us and is loving making us laugh which is so cute! He is more determined than ever which gets him in lots of trouble with various pieces of furniture.

Milk & Munching
Philip is doing really well drinking from a sippy cup and recently I taught him how to use it himself. This is a huge timesaver at meals because he does often want a drink with his meal (not just at the end) so leaving a cup there is much easier for me than offering it frequently. Philip drinking himself however is very, very messy (especially when he decides that he’s finished with water and lobs the cup across the dining room to indicate that he's done using it…).

Professional sippy cup drinker

Philip seems to really enjoy eating with his hands at the moment (I think this is because it’s quicker than waiting to be fed and he's enjoying being independept) so I’ve been giving him a bowl or porridge or mash to feed himself. Surprisingly, he doesn’t actually chuck it on the floor straight away which shows that he’s finally understood that it’s a food container and not a toy - small victory in a sea of mess!

He’s doing really well with food overall – we had several weeks when he’s existed on just boob milk and yoghurt due to various illnesses he’s picked up but generally he’s as keen on food as he’s always been.

First family outing to Taco Bell was a huge success. We shall not talk about the mess.

I’m really rubbish at remembering to do this, but a few times that I tried Philip has successfully picked a spoon from a bowl and put it in his mouth to feed himself. It’s a great step on his journey to independent eating but we have some barriers with it: when he’s hungry and tired, he has no patience to feed himself and sits there with mouth wide open like an angry little bird and gets increasingly frustrated and loud if you don’t feed him. I also find feeding him a lot more time and mess effective but I do need to stick to letting him feed himself.

Understanding of the world
Philip is now crawling at speed and he does seem to finally develop some idea of danger – he doesn’t attempt to throw himself off the top of the stairs as often as he used to! He loves cruising and is so good at it – he will even cruise the seats on a moving train and maintain his balance which shows his balance is definitely better than mine!
When you're busy using your hands to balance, you need to transport your favourite toys in other ways!

He shows no interest in walking though – I think this is because he’s so fast at crawling that he has no reason to for now. Whenever he needs to reach something when he’s standing up, he drops onto him bum and crawls to it instead. I’m not complaining as he’s already such trouble I’m not sure how I would cope! 
Most common view of Philip I get these days!
The problem with Philip at the moment is that he is very tall – which means that he can access the things on the edge of all tables, desks and chests of drawers. We need to be super careful not leaving any sharp or small objects where his ever-grabbing busy paws can reach!

Philip continues to nap well – he gets an average of 3 hours of nap a day, usually split into 2 naps but at nursery he does sometimes do 3 shorter naps.
Happy baby after a long nap - somewhat a rare sight these days.

He’s still very easy to transfer to cot for naps which is great as putting him to nap/bed doesn’t take more than 10 minutes these days.

Philip continues to babble away and he is getting better and better with his non-verbal communications. He has recently learnt to clap which he loves – he always has such a giggle and is so pleased with himself. 
Clapping still requires some practice!

He often claps just to make us laugh which is so cute! He’s generally been very active and loves waving his arms about to emphasise his point – whether happy or angry.

Well this section could be a book really – we’re working through a vast list of nursery bugs that Philip is coming home every week with. 
Poorly snugglebun after nursery...

It’s been exhausting because we’re catching things from him as it’s so tiring looking after an ill baby when all you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep for 10 hours…

Key Developments
I don’t think we’ve had any ‘key’ developments recently really – Philip’s just getting a lot more proficient at the things he does like crawling, cruising, babbling etc.
Always chasing the poor cats!

Philip loves being outside and the wind! It’s nice to be able to take him out to the garden on sunny days. 
Garden dribble time

He’s also enjoying making lots of noise and favourite toys are the ones that he can loudly bang together.

Coming out of the 8 month sleep regression I was very relieved but it seems that we were hit by another one of them. Perhaps his sleep was affected by the endless stream of illnesses he seems to have picked up. Either way, I’m pretty sure between January and now I have slept about 5 hours on average each night.

Last week was truly brutal as poor Munchkin had a very upset tummy which then caused a nappy rash like I’ve never seem before – there was blood in the nappy… We kept him as nappy free as possible in daytime and we tried to change his nappy at night maximum every couple of hours which completely disrupted our sleep.

This week, fingers crossed, we seem back on track to just one wake up a night (well apart from last night when he was up every hour starting from 2am…). I’m not holding out much hope but I really would like some more sleep soon!

The last few weeks have been a big challenge for our family as we adjusted to me going back to work part time and Philip going to nursery. There has been many, many challenges and we are collectively very tired. But we are settling into our new routine, Philip is happy at nursery and doesn’t cling to me for dear life when we pick him up. Longer, warmer days are ahead of us and I look forward to the spring and summer months with our little snugglebun.


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