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7 Month Munchkin Update

MUNCHKIN 7 Month Update

Can't believe our little chunk is 7 months old! His personality is really starting to shine through and we're learning what makes him giggle and his likes and dislikes. He definitely feels more and more like a little boy and not a baby anymore. He changes so much from week to week that this starts to feels like quite a bittersweet stage - I'm loving watching him grow but I also know that my little baby is slipping away one skill at the time.

Milk & Munching
BLW is going really well and after the initial few weeks of playing around with food, Philip's now wolfing it down. A lot of food still ends up on the floor and in the creaks of the highchair, but he's trying everything very keenly. He loves having yoghurt after the meal but isn't too keen on fruit yet.
Food in each hand is a common approach for Munchkin
We've been trying to encourage Philip to take the bottle for a while, and eventually we're having some success with a free flowing sippy cup. He has separate sippy cups for water and milk - he loves his water by the way - and at meal times I put both in front of him so that he can reach and show which one he wants.

At the moment he's having lunch and dinner only but I will be starting to eat breakfast with him to help prepare him for nursery mealtimes. I'm going to try to roughly follow nursery's food times to hopefully prepare him for a meal routine without a breast feed during his stay at the nursery.

Understanding of the world
One of Munchkin's favourite activities is being carried up and down the stairs - mouth wide open and legs kicking about with excitement. He also intently stares at the changing table/highchair when removed from it so I think he's starting to understand the relative position of the objects around him. He also loves playing with toys that make a noise so maracas and rattles are a big hit!

We're currently on two naps a day but I'm trying to shift our routine to include the 3rd nap. Naptimes vary in length, but he quite clearly does a sleepcycle or two. On a few occasions recently Philip's been fussing and chatting after a feed so I left him in the cot (I usually feed him to sleep) to see if he'll go to sleep without the distraction of me being next to him and surprisingly it worked - he fell asleep in less than a couple of minutes after I close the bedroom door. I'm hoping that this will continue and eventually I'm going to try to shift away from feeding to sleep for daytime naps to help with napping at the nursery.

We're still quite often in the 'danger nap' territory but it's a bit of a struggle with balancing keeping him awake for dinner and not overtiring him before bedtime. I don't want to have a strict day routine because sometimes we end up having extra naps because of walks etc but even if we struggle sometimes, I'd rather that than having an extremely limiting daily schedule. 


Philip has always been quite chatty and this week he's started what I think is babbling - for example while he plays with toys it sounds like he's talking to himself or narrating what he's doing. We have no 'mama' or other first words but he does make a lot of 'mmmaaammaaamaaam' type sounds when he's hungry and wants milk! He appears to respond with 'hi' or 'hey' to a greeting but I think he's just replicating the sound without understanding of the verbal exchange.

Munchkin has had a cold for a few days but luckily it passed quickly and he's retired his Mr SnottyDribbleFace title for now.

Key Developments
My little teeth machine has been hard at work since September and he now has 8 teeth. It has been a long and tiring process and I'm really hoping that we get a significant break before the fangs start cutting through. I'm finding the Anbesol and the teething biscuits from the Young Gums cookbook very efficient in giving Munchkin some relief.

Nomming on a teething biscuit in the Hellix Mini

Philip has just learnt to pull himself up and it's all he wants to do, all day long! He goes rigid when you try to sit him down - it's quite funny. He is obsessed with standing up and is trying to cruise but hasn't yet worked out that the moment he lets go he will fall onto his bum. 

Pulling up to standing on the Hellix Mini

He's making the right movements towards crawling but so far can only shuffle backwards - he always ends up off the playmat!


Philip is obsessed with our cats - his face lits up when one of them walks past him and he tries to chat to them which is so sweet. 
He always wants to stroke the cats so we're working on the 'gentle touch' as at the moment he just grabs their fur or tries to nom on their ear - it does not go down with the cats too well!


We now have a good nighttime routine but long sleep is still a distant dream. Philip is reliably waking up every 2 hours at night, every hour if his teeth are bothering him - on some nights he will go a stretch of 3 or 4 hours but I have yet to determine what was different on those nights as there doesn't seem to be a rule. Some of his feeds seem to be comfort sucking only so we're going to try him in the cot in his own room from Christmas - hopefully this will help reduce the number of wake ups. But if I end up walking between the two bedrooms the whole night then he'll come back to our bedroom for another month or so and then we'll try again. Luckily he's very business-like during his wake-ups so there is no fussing about and he's straight back to sleep. A week or so ago, he rolled onto his tummy after feeding and since then he has done that every single time. It made me quite anxious at the beginning but he seems set on sleeping on his tummy so we're letting him carry on.


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