Friday, 9 November 2018

Our 5 Favourite DIY Sensory Activities

As Philip's interest in grabbing things grows, I wanted to give him more opportunities to practice using his hands at home. Armed with Pinterest and a supermarket shoplist, we've been trying out a few different sensory activities, some involving messy play, and these are Philip's top favourites!

1. Ribbons tag/pull

This is a simple creation that I made for Munchkin one morning - I collected various ribbons and jersey yarns (t-shirt cut in strips would work equally well) and tied them on one long piece of ribbon. I'm planning to add a few teething rings to it, but I temporarily lost them somewhere in the depths of my craft boxes.

2. Jelly

Lots of squishy fun for little hands and feet!

3. Sensory Bottles

I made these when Philip was very little and we're still using them at least weekly! I added lots of buttons, gems and cabochons to small bottles, filled them with baby oil and then hot-glued the lid back on.

4. Spaghetti

Philip's absolute favourite! Lots of opportunities for picking it up, squishing and stretching. 

5. LED lights / fairylights

I noticed very early on that Philip was fascinated by flashing lights so I bought these LED bath toys for a sensory bath and he loves it! We also sometimes use fairy lights arranged in the dark room -  Philip is always mesmerised by the display!

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