Friday, 29 July 2016

DIY Wedding bouquet 1920s Style Tutorial

When thinking about my wedding bouquet, I had certain criteria I was dead set on:


After a quick look online, the idea of real flowers went out of the window because of the cost. Plus a 'faux' wedding bouquet will make a lovely keepsake!

After hours on Pinterest and a couple of hours spent burning my hand with a hot glue gun, the results are in!

DIY Wedding Bouquet in 5 easy steps

Step 1. Gather all your necessities:

Hot glue gun
Foam bouquet holder (I got mine from eBay)
Pearls and diamonds, pearl pins (if using)
Ribbon (for the holder part of your bouquet)
Fake flowers (I used peonies and roses)

Step 2. Covering the handle of the bouquet.

Apply a little hot glue at the time and stick the ribbon on it. Be careful to gently overlap the layers. Don't forget the bottom of the handle!

Step 3. Prepare your flowers.

Trim your flowers so the stems a just a little shorter than the head of your bouquet holder.

Start by sticking pearl pins into the center of your roses.

Then moving on to peonies - I chose larger pearls and put them into 5 of the peonies, pouring a dollop of hot glue into the flower and then pushing the pearl in.

Step 4. Start sticking your flowers into the foam holder.

Try to arrange them close enough to not have any gaps, but at the same time avoiding squishing the flowers.

Step 5. Decorate your bouquet with a string of pearls.

I deliberately tangled mine a little bit before putting it on the bouquet. I have also cheated a little bit and attached the string of pearls with a drop of hot glue in fairly few places to make sure it stays on even when I'm waving arms about!

Voila, your bouquet is ready!

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