Monday, 4 July 2011

Valencia Visit: Derecho y Revés

First thing I did when we booked our flights to Spain, I researched yarn shops in Valencia. Derecho y Revés is located near the main train station, about 15mins walk from it and very close to where I was staying. I spotted it quite by accident as I didn’t know it was so close to the apartment.  Then, after a week of passing by and waving to the sheep on the shop banner I finally made a trip on last day in Spain.
The shop is open until 8pm on weekdays (with a siesta break) and until 1.30pm on Saturday.

I was truly stunned by the choice and beauty of colours of cotton yarns. Over here cotton shades are quite limited, but there, my oh my, the purples, the pinks!
In the middle of the shop there are some tables and chair where I plopped my husband while I browsed the store. When we came in, the store was filled with boxes of yarn yet to be unpacked. I had a sneak peek and there were tons of merino and wool yarns as well as a lot of multi-coloured shades.

Lady working in the shop was extremely helpful and as a bonus spoke to me in English so we could chat a little bit about yarns and knitting (unfortunately all I can say in Spanish is “lanas!!!!!!” ;o).  She said that she will be opening online shop via her blog, which will be soon updated so I’m very excited about this!

I was after Katia Azteca but I was informed that it’s a fall/winter yarn and will not be delivered until end of June. I guess they don’t really use wool in the summer like we do here in England! ;o)
Instead, very helpful lady showed me some yarns from Lanas Stop, it’s acrylic/merino wool superwash (yay!) mix and it’s very very soft. It comes in two weights, bulky and DK (however, it feels thicker than DK to me, more like a worsted weight).
Yarn comes in 100g balls and DK weight offer 262yds per ball and is amazing value at €4.50 per ball.

After much ummming and ahhhhing (thank you to the person who put those tables and chairs in the shop!) I bought 6 skeins of this yummy berry shade:

And five of gorgeous caramel brown shade, perfect for autumn.

I was also given 2 fee Katia pattern magazines, with instructions both in Spanish and English, for my love of Katia yarns – wonderfully surprised and very happy!

So, if you’re in Valencia, Derecho y Revés is definitely worth a visit!


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  1. Thanks for the tip - will have to check it out when I'm in town.


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