Friday, 22 July 2011

FO Friday: Trick or Treat?

Today's theme is... tricky-knitty! Both FO below presented some challenges and I learnt a trick or two while knitting them, so even though they are small, they deserve their own post :o)

Newest FO is this headband, pattern by Stephen West. I only did half the pattern since the recipient wanted it narrow.
Yarns: Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk (Navy - two strands) and Knit Picks Palette (Blue - 3 strands).

Braids on the edges of the headband are amazing and very interesting in construction, if a little tricky at the beginning (particularly if you're trying to purl each sts in different colour using 5 strands of yarn LOL).

It only took me couple of hours to finish as I was really hooked by all the over-and-under yarn changes and wanted to keep going to see how the final effect will look like.
This pattern is also a great value as well since you get pattern for headband AND a hat together!

The second tricky knit was a test for Andrea's gorgeous Cabled Armwarmers.She used twisted stitches and a very interesting honeycomb garter stitch, I love learning new things!
I'm very prone to suffering from second-everything syndrome, from mitts to sleeves, so I decide to bite the bullet and try knitting two-at the time.Process went something like this:

22:00 Ok, let's google "mitts two at the time"
22:15 Hmmm nothing,, it's all about socks, I don't want to knit socks!
22:29 Maybe I could watch sock tutorial and convert it to mitten tutorial, genius!!
22:42 Ok, surely cuff-down socks are the same as mittens in terms on construction, yes?
23:42 Confused, I haz it. Go lie down in a dark room. I'm trying to work magic!!
23.55 Ok, let's try, I can always frog  do the unthinkable...
00:05 WTH? Two needles? Like I already haven't got a tangled mess using one!
00:14 Cast on is done, or something cast-on-similar, because I still can't grasp how this will work!
00:20 First row.... is done... at least I think so?
00:34 Second row and believe me, it's starting to look like two cuffs!!!! Magic!!
00:45 Yes, I know it's late, but I'm doing so well now!
01:03 4 rows done - yeeeeeah!!!

PS. If you want to save yourself some time, THIS tutorial is pretty good and explains how to master the technique (on sock example of course). One day I will make my own video about mittens for confused souls like me.

After much trauma, the result are these super-cute mitts that I love to bits and thanks to great British "Summer" I get to wear them every day :o)

For more inspiration, tricks and treats this FO Friday, visit Tami Amis!


  1. Cute gloves! I love the headband, the braid edge looks really good but quite tricky, well done!

  2. I love learning new things too. You did a great job on both projects, and those mitts came out so cute!

  3. Love the mitts - well done on figuring out how to make it work! The braids on the headband look amazing :)

  4. Both great projects, love the colours. Learning new stuff (and getting super items) is what it is all about

  5. Great projects and I loved your little time line story too!! Quite entertaining!!! The headband is really cool with the braid in it! The mitts are beautiful and I love the color of them!

  6. The headband is lovely, and the mitts are beautiful! I love making mitts 2 at a time.

  7. Gorgeous---both of those look very tricky indeed, but in the best possible way, where tricky means "ends up being gorgeous." I really love the cables on the mitts.

  8. That headband is really interesting! And very nice yarn choices for each!

  9. Great post. The headband looks hard, and you did a great job. I love the fingerless gloves! The color is fab.

  10. It's always great when you can learn new techniques during a project. I love the pattern on the headband. It turned out great, but I can only imagine how hard it was to keep track of all those strands of yarn! I love the mitts too! I attempted to make socks two at a time once, and it didn't go so great, so I give you props for figuring out how to do the mitts and sticking to it.

  11. Both projects are great. I love learning new things as well. I'm very intrigued by the two at one time tutorial.

  12. Really cute headband (and, the mitts, too!) Great work learning new knitting stuff... great to keep growing!

  13. Those mitts are so cute! Great job on the 2 at a time :) I'm a fellow sufferer of second-everything syndrome so am a big fan of that technique. It's pretty straight forward but really does make you feel like you're wrestling with string and cable in the beginning though!


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