Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Whipping up WIPs

I wanted to post my WIPs but after I looked at my Ravelry project page I decided to keep it to CURRENT WIPs. I think I may need to start categorising my WIPs:
*past and possibly future
*beyond hope

First of all, I'm knitting a gift! I despite when people ask me to make them something so this time recipient has no idea what she will be getting. Catching Butterflies Mittens are nearly ready, I'm just waiting for some kidsilk yarn to make butterflies.

Made of cotton/bamboo blend they are wonderfully soft and have delicate sheen. Knitting them was a pain though, as I came up with this brilliant idea that I will hold DK weight yarn double so they're not floppy but rather sturdy and warm. Yeah, sure, but I was working on 2.75mm dpns. I have very little experience working with dpns, and none with ones so tiny, but I made it! Now no toothpicks dpns can scare me.


Another WIP that I've got nearly finished is Luxurious Eye Mask. I need one of these to rescue my sanity as husbeast often goes to bed after me, keeping the light on and basically keeping my awake and robbing me of my sleep. Consider it a divorce-remedy.
Made of luscious Malabrigo in Holy Hocks this mask is sooooooo soft. And I'm ever so slightly irritated by thick-thinness of the yarn.
All is left to find a suitable band, either a ribbon or an i-cord.

On another note, Amber the Kitty Cat fell in love with Malabrigo and snatched it straight away.
However, I'm sad to report that the yarn failed Amber's softness test.
Being brave kitty as she is, she decided to save Malabrigo's honour and make it soft as required,  (to save humanity, you know) by kneading it.
For 20 minutes.


Next is line is my Mermaid skirt. I had to put it off to hibernating-bear basket I'm afraid as 100% wool + hot weather + sweaty hands don't mix very well.

Wait, there's moar!!!!

Finally, I'm working on this gorgeous Beach Halter.Using CotLin and my new Zephyr 4.5mm needles. I must admit this combination is a bit squeaky, but so much better than CotLin + Harmony Wood where I had to wrestle to get my stitches off the needle.
Lace pattern is super easy to remember and it knits up amazingly quickly. I making a longer version so it covers all my tummy.
Amber approved:


  1. First off before I forget, I love your Hattie Dress it is soo pretty. I also have a passion for fingerless gloves and I love your Butterfly Mittens (great colour choice). It always makes me gasp when I see cats around yarn...

  2. great yarn choices, and colours!!..and your cat is to cute :)

  3. @Leeanne thank you!!

    @Danielle thanks :o)


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