Wednesday, 13 April 2011

As I dive over the finish line...

... First of all, it's a song. Song that I heard while watching Radio Free Roscoe show, it was ages ago, but for the love of all kitties, I couldn't find lyrics to it. It always puts me in a sentimental mood, enjoy:

There's also another reason that I chose this line for the title.
I'm a terrible marathon knitter. When I start on the project, I carry it everywhere and use every minute of my day to work even a few stitches. I knit during movies (I have yet to master the technique of trying to not look at my knitting while knitting, unfortunately when I try to do it I end up with half of stitches twisted and the other half dropped) or during playing games. I even knit in a bath if it's a small project.  I rush, run, push to get the item finished so I can finally try it on, see how it fits (or how it doesn't. I'm even known to get up before work to finish up the project so it's ready when I come back after work to take photos in natural light.
Yes, I'm that crazy (sometimes!)

Paula's collection of wips:

I'm ashamed to say that I can't find this wip anymore. It's somewhere, probably.

There's also My Cloche Divine, which I finished in December I recall, but I have to redo the bow as it was my first wrap&turn project and it's a bit wonky. So the winter is gone, but I still haven't got round to it. But look have many pretty things I've knitted in between!

However, I noticed that with all this marathon-knitting, when I get to the end and all I have to do is sew, weave in ends or block, it can take me weeeeeeeeeeks.

My Erquy is finished, I have even outdone myself and sew on strap over the weekend. It's Wednesday and the second strap is sadly hanging from it, desperate to be united with the body.
But, Dear Erquy, it's wip-Wednesday, it would be against rules to finish you today, so I'm going to start another project to keep up with the spirit of wip-Wednesday, right?
I'll talk to you on FO-Friday. Probably.

I call it my "nearly-there" syndrome. All the curiosity of how the project will turn out is already satisfied, you tried it on, you know what you look like in it and all. Now just the small mundane task of actually doing the boring bits so you can click "Completed" on Ravelry.
OK, I cheat, I click "100%" and "Completed" when I take knitting of the needles and it's in its "nearly-there" state.
Or it is because I have some many other exciting projects waiting to be started that I can no longer be excited by the one that is, essentially, finished?

Surely I can't be the only one who does this, right?


  1. Hope you find the missing WIP :)

    Must admit, I only record 100% and Completed when it is ;) It's like the final act in the drama LOL

  2. I like that song. :)

    I actually record it 100% completed when I take it off the needles too. That's when the knitting's done!

  3. I'm terrible at getting round to finishing - I'm so happy it's off the needles that I don't want to faff about with anything else!


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