Thursday, 3 March 2011

Loosen up my buttons baby!

I love buttons. I add them to almost anything and they have this so-tiny-so-much-difference factor.
Unfortunately I also have I lovely cat who thinks that buttons are just one of her toys designed to be stashed away and then sold on kitty eBay.
Seriously, I think all felines create this secret stash of lost/stolen items and then they sell them or trade them. How else would you explain all those things thta go missing in our home?

I usually look for quirky buttons in charity shop and on Monday I got really lucky. I picked up 3 packs, two of them didn't have the price on it so the lady sold them to me for 49p a pack. Yes, 49p!

Now check them out! *drools*

These are my favourite ones. They have this vintage feel I love. I haven't found the project for them yet, but I hope some inspiration will come soon. I was thinking lacy cowl or lacy frilly wristwarmers

Now this beauties remind of chocolate buttons! They have slight sheen to them and are a bit worn on the edges. But the brown hue is so pretty and yummy that it makes me hungry by just looking at them. I have a project for them, it is one of my favourite projects and it's been done and waiting for right buttons for ages. 

I have finally got them, yay! I sew the braid together and luckily this morning we had most amazing sunny weather so I persuaded hubby to take some photos for me.

 Apart from loving vintage buttons I'm a big fan of large statement buttons. As soon as I saw the big red ones smiling at me, I had to have them.
 I love oversized buttons because they make the simplest projects special. The ones here are now accompanying this lovely cowl:


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