Sunday, 13 February 2011

I WILL survive (although this sweater will not!)

Let me introduce you to my recent major disaster.

First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never do the cables
on that massive scale
But I spent so many days
thinking how I could just knit it
I grew strong
I casted my first sweater on...

It was a pattern from one of the knitting magazines I bought and I loved the vintage feel to it.  I saw similar sweater in Banana Republic recently and I decided that kinda cabley, boyfriend sweater was just what I needed.
(See, clue: boyfriend sweater!!!!) Sooo, I casted on about 2 sizes to large. Now, after doing the ribbing I figured out I didn't want my sweater to come out as a tunic so I decided to cut out every 6th row of the pattern so it's shorter...

All good until after passionately knitting for like nearly two weeks I realised that the sweater was TOO SHORT and very wide, i.e very boxy. Not exactly the perfect look, unless you're a Kate Moss, which, trust me, even in my best years, I never was even close to.

It does look fairly good on paper  floor, doesn't it?

Well you, see, I totally forgot about THE SLEEVES. I happily did them following the pattern dot to dot, purl by purl. Until I realised, that obviously, I was knitting sleeves and body in different sizes!

So, being a creative soul (and heavily medicated, but about that later*), I decided to... make puff sleeves! Gathered up the yarn, pull through, and it looked amazing actually! If the sweater wasn't too large so the shoulder seams fell like near my elbows that is.

Like every determined knitter, I refused to admit my failure and frog it, or I really believed that it will work, and I finished the sweater. Laid it out on the floor to block it I left it overnight believing that the sweater will come to its senses and when I wake up next morning, it will be all as it was supposed to be.

Only my cat decided to throw up all over it.

Yup, that was me, I admit, it was a horrible thing and I wanted to save my hooman from wearing it, right??

After washing it I hanged it to dry in a desperate attempt to actually stretch the damn thing to a proportionate size. Didn't work.

So ladies and gentleman, may I present my major-sweater disaster:

*My only explanation is that I was taking a looooot of painkillers, which clouded my judgement and they were making me hungry. All the time. Can't think when I'm hungry!

And a farewell song to the sweater:

And so you're there
in FO basket
I walked in to find you laying proudly here
with that stupid shapeless look you have
I should have frogged you half way there
I should have made you into a scarf
If I had known for just one second
you'd be haunting me for days

you're not welcome anymore
weren't you the one who tried to make me look so fat
you think I'd crumble
you think I'd wear you and show you to the world
Oh no, not I
I will survive
as long as I know how to knit and frog
I know you will stay in balls
I've got all my other yarn to knit
You're back to the frogging bin
and I'll survive
I will survive



  1. Are you going to rip it all out or just the sleeves? I think the body of the sweater is fine! Maybe put it away and take a look at it another day to see if you can salvage most of it.

    Great job though! It takes a lot of effort for me to make a hat, let alone a sweater. And your cables are gorgeous...I have cable jealousy!

  2. Ha! your song made me laugh so much! In fact this whole post is hilarious. If it's any consolation i think your cables are beautiful too...i dream of being that good!

  3. Aww thank you ladies! Made me feel so much better :-)

    To be honest, I'm pondering re-doing the sleeves, but for the moment I can't look at this sweater.

    When I have a moment and nothing beautiful to make, I will come back to it and do the sleeves (and quite possible extend the ribbing section on the waist) or re-do it into the bag (it will make a pretty oversided bag, right ;-))


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