Sunday, 3 February 2019

9 Month Munchkin Update

MUNCHKIN 9 Month Update

Can't believe that our little chunk is 9 months old! He's now been with me in one way or another for a whopping 18 months.

It was a month of big changes for Philip. As much as I feel like the transition from 7 to 8 months was pretty non-existent, the change from 8 to 9 months has been huge!

Milk & Munching

Philip continues to do really well with the sippy cup and on the few occasions we offered it to him at night, he took with not a grizzle in sight. I'm not planning to night wean him yet, but it's good to know that he can take a cup at night - James has even managed to settle him back to sleep himself for the first time ever! 

BLW is going really well for Philip and we've started to give him a little bit more freedom in soft foods - we used to spoon feed him (yes, I'm still calling it BLW alright) mash when we were having it for dinner but recently we've been just putting it on his highchair tray to work it out with his fingers. It's been a slow process, but he's getting there in eating mash himself.

Philip's pincer grip is really developing as well as he's now happily picking up peas one by one and putting them in his mouth.

Understanding of the world

Philip has started to crawl but he still does not seem to have any idea of danger or position of objects. He tries to pull himself up on pretty much anything, including flat surfaces. He also continues to crawl into the space and needs to be caught and rescued many times - we desperately need a baby gate!

We've had a few tantrums too - most often when something is being taken away from him or he's not being allowed to touch something - scissors being his top fav. He gets really angry and cries - it's quite hilarious really!


Philip's naps have gone crazy since he's on the move! He often naps for 2 hours and we had a fair share of 3 hour naps as well. I think he gets so physically tired that he naps really well. Long may it continue! (I know it won't but one can hope)

Since he came out of the 8 month sleep regression, he's been napping in the cot very well which has been great. I get a lot more done and I'm enjoying my new found freedom :)

Philip's added 'dada' and 'da-'ddy' to his vocabulary and he's trying lots of new words. I'm pretty sure he's trying to say 'boob' as he's making a lot of similar sounds at bedtime but who knows? Maybe he's just making sounds. Either way, I'm absolutely loving his little chats and babbling.

Philip is getting a lot better at non-verbal communication too. He can clearly show whether he wants or doesn't want something. He's reaching his arms up to be picked up and bashes his little fist if he wants more or finds something funny. He's got the cutest manner of turning away when he doesn't want something!

On another hand, he's found his voice and man, can the boy scream. He is so loud when he's unhappy!


Luckily Philip's avoided colds and snuffles this week - he has had a bit of cough but it went away after a couple of days without developing into anything so I'm very happy about that.

Key Developments

Philip made several important leaps in the last month.

He started crawling couple of weeks ago and very quickly progressed from commando shuffling to proper crawling. He's loving his new found freedom and taking himself off to explore all the corners of the house!

Philip's been able to pull himself up from sitting for a few months now but in the last week or so he's become obsessed with practicing pulling himself up from crawling and he's now mastered the skill! It's terrifying really how quickly he seems to have worked out that he can move his chunky bum in any way he wants. 

He's now getting quite confident at cruises which is giving me a hard time supervising him - often I leave him crawling around in a room for a moment only to come back and find him standing up against a box or a coffee table. It's really hard work keeping an eye on him but I'm loving watching how much joy and satisfaction he gets from getting himself where he wants to be.


Philip loves playing peek-a-boo and similar 'disappearing' games. He loves playing with all sorts of things that he can move and remove so we're making him a busy board to play with. Hopefully this will sufficiently deter him from inspecting all the plug sockets in the house!

He still loves the cat and Amber seems quite keen on him - she lets him stroke her and usually hangs out with us in the room.

I've recently given Philip the Grimm's Sunset Rainbow to play in the Hellix Mini and it has been a really fun game. We've played it several times since - he loves pulling and pushing the arches through slats and holes of the Hellix. 

I think he likes the challenge of the fact that they're curved so he has to work a little bit harder to get them through.

Philip went through the 8 month sleep regression like sleep was the enemy. For about 3 weeks he was waking up hourly (at most) and would not sleep in his cot. We straight away went back to co-sleeping to make sure we both get some sleep while giving this little pickle what he needed. However, most nights were full of biting, pulling, pushing and generally causing a lot of trouble in bed so I am quite happy to see the back of the regression and having Philip back in his cot. He's now consistently waking up at 4am for a feed with sometimes an additional feed at 1am. I'm super happy with this and generally feel like I have so much more energy because I'm getting so much sleep.

Another big month ahead for us - in a couple of weeks Philip will be starting his nursery settling is sessions and then going there for 2 days a week while I adjust be being back at work. Big changes and I can't pretend that I'm not stressed and anxious about how pour family life will change. I enjoy the challenge (and break!) of being back at work but I do worry about missing out on Philip's milestones and frankly just missing my little buddy. I look forward to writing this update in a month and reflecting on how the transition's been. For now, I'm going to try to enjoy every moment with my little snugglebun - and mostly importantly the freedom of days with nothing to do but relax, play and go for walks together.


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