Saturday, 27 October 2018

Pom Pom Garland Tutorial

I made this rainbow pom pom garland in just over two hours. One ball of yarn will produce 18 pom poms.

You'll need:
1 ball of West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley DK in colour Rum Paradise
45mm pom pom maker
Threading needle
A few metres of white/cream string

Step 1.
Create pom poms! Wrap each half of the pom pom maker with yarn until full. 

Cut through each half and tie the pom pom with the thread (I used the same yarn and then trimmed the ends)

Step 2. 
Use scissors to trim the pom poms into spherical shape - mine always come out more oval than circle at the beginning!

Step 3.
Thread the string through the needle and push through each pom pom.

Step 4.
Spread the pom poms on the string, hang up and admire!


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