Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Flettet Romper - English translation & tips

Flettet Romper 

This romper pattern is very quick and fun to knit, and with a bit of google translate magic you can easily work out what to do! 

Here are some clarifications I found out when knitting and translating this pattern to English.

I decided to knitted plain back, so cable charts are only at the front.

Cable Charts:

Main cable (Chart A) is a stitch called Lobster Claw Cable, worked over 9 stitches and over four rows.

The bordering cables are worked over 2 rows essentially.

First Row (pattern row 3): slip one stitch knitwise, knit 2 stitches, pass slipped stitch over.

Next Row: knit one, yarn one, knit one.

That last row creates ayarn over between the two left over stitches, bringing the count back to 3 stitches.

Button bottom:
I thought an easier access to a nappy would be a desirable feature, so I strayed away from the pattern for that part.
I knitted thew pattern for front and back exactly as follows. 

After the specified length, I knitted 5 rows of moss stitch to create a button band . I then sewn 4 buttons (15mm diameter) onto the newly created button band.

After the specified length, I knitted 3 rows in moss stitch, then added 4 yarn overs to overlap with my button placements on the front of the romper. For me this looked like this: 2sts, yo, 7sts, yo, 7sts, yo, 7sts, yo, 2sts.

I then k2tog or p2tog (depending on where in moss stitch this was) the extra 4 stitches in the places where I added them. For me, this looked like this: 2sts, p2tog, 6sts, k2tog, 6sts, p2tog, 6sts, k2tog, 1st.

Finally I added one more row in moss stitch and casted off in pattern.

Hope this helps x


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