Wednesday, 22 August 2012

WIP: Bombay Sapphire

Hello everyone!

Late on Sunday, I run out of things to knit since I finished my Haruni ( more about it on Friday) so I decided to give Little Red In The City by Ysolda another try, after some mishaps with Cria.

I started Angostura, which I'm calling Bombay Sapphire because my Knit Pick's Gloss DK colour is this wonderfully brilliant blue:
Not that I ever tried it, so hopefully it does taste nice too!
Having cast on on Sunday evening, yesterday I finished the back and started the front already. However, similarly to other Ravelers' problems with this pattern, my row gauge is waaaaaaaay off. So I pinned down a well fitted sweater to my desk and every few rows I check if I'm where I want to be and ignoring the instructions such us "Knit 59 more rows". i don't skip any of the increase/decrease rows, just the plain pattern rows and so far it seems to be working rather well.

Pretty cable detail with very smart shaping worked into the pattern.
The instruction are very clear and there is a great list of all abbreviations included as well as a handy tutorial to wrap&turn stitches in the book, and other techniques, making it a great resource so you can just sit down with the book and don't have to google anything in the meantime :-)
I really love this pattern, it's so simple but very effective at the same time!
At this rate, I really hope I can finish by Saturday, when I go away, because I like to knit large garments without a break in the middle, otherwise my gauge may change :-)

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  1. What a pretty pattern and what a beautiful cable detail! Good choice of color!

  2. lovely stitch definition! and congrats on finishing the shawl!

  3. Oh wow, that is just beautiful! I love the simple cable :) And your color choice!

  4. The cable is eye-catching. Very clever. I love the colour.

  5. Oh my, what a gorgeous pattern and beautiful color. I'm normally not a "blue" fan, but the color you chose is stunning!

  6. That is a beautiful color, it looks like the sky on certain days. I'm going to file as a hint what you said about knitting something through without a does matter for the gauge.

  7. Gorgeous blue! That cable in the centre back is awesome. I have to keep going with big projects too - not because of gauge issues but because I forget where I am and the mods I've made.

  8. wow, amazing progress. and the colour is stunning!

  9. Wow, I love that cable! Looks great.


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