Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fibre Appreciation Thursday - Take One!

Today I thought I could try to spin some yarn in theme of Fibre Appreciation Thursday, unfortunately while I can find my never-used-before spindle, I can't find my roving anywhere. I'm sure it's somewhere, it's just not where I'm looking for it - typical, huh? So perhaps I'll try next week!

But not to despair, I'm going to introduce you to new additions to my yarny family. First of all is gorgeous Old Maiden Aunt in beautiful colourway Cinnamon that I bought as a birthday gift for myself :-)
The colour reminded me of the Gallifrey planet (from Doctor Who)
but since the shades were a little gentler and softer, I decided to name the project "Gallifrey At Dusk" - it will be my Ravelympics, sorry I meant Ravellenic Games 2012, project and I'm itching to start!
Everyday I take the yarn and snuggle it, it's so squishy and soft - I can't wait to finish the shawl and wear it.

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  1. ohhhhhhh That is some YUMMY colour right there!!
    Can't waite to see what you make with it!!

  2. Oooh, gorgeous yarn, I love the colour :)

  3. That is some very scrummy looking yarn. Not surprised you have to squish it daily. It looks soooo soft.
    Can't wait to see when you do with it either.


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