Monday, 9 April 2012

The Mess

I love preparing. For me, half, if not more, of the fun lies in the anticipation and waiting.
So, it is only natural that because I'm starting my teacher training in well, 4 months, I already own half the library's worth of books on teaching, assessment and behaviour management. And add to that various resources on the actual subject. The books and magazines slowly took over my study room so next step was to satisfy my addition with pretty furniture and I ordered myself some bookcases - we're going to skip the part that I somehow measured my room in a funny way so they don't fit the way they should.

Anyhooo, the process of organising my room involved digging through to my almost-forgotten yarn. I think it's been January the last time I actual knitted a few stitches. As I flicked through all those lovely books full of patterns asking to be made, and tried to hide away the rest of the yarn until I have more time, I sat and I cried.
I cried for the lost time, for the constant running I have to do every week, from school, to work, to University, for the little pleasure that I lost in that running. I'm not going to say I will try to find time, because time is something I rarely have these days, but I will try to remember that this way something that was like a my own little world of beautiful colours, soft shapes and soothing patterns. Few challenges and frustrations on the way, but the sense of achievement I felt! Now the weather is warmer it will be easier once again to knit on the bus not having to wriggle my arms in jackets, sweaters and mittens. So perhaps, one day soon I will come back to my wips (if I can still find them!!)

(if you want to have pretty photos of your cat, you should never adopt a black one, I spend ages chasing after Batman with a camera and still no results :-)).

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  1. I know what you mean about cat photography. I have precisely two photos of my mainly black cat. It required being very close to her outdoors while she lay in full sun on the grass. It's the only one that has ever worked. I wish you luck in your endeavours.


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