Tuesday, 22 November 2011

WIP Wednesdays: Spin me baby, round round...

Last few weeks have been a little crazy, which have been reflected in my absence from Ravelry and my blog. After I finished my exams, I planned a year long rest full of reading books and knitting. Turns out however that I'm back at Uni, full time this time, in January. In less than two months. And while this terrifies me hugely, it also gives me a way out of office dress code and into world of comfort, cosy knitting. So I'm queueing knitted bags, headbands and cardigans because for once I'll be able to wear anything I want!

In the meantime, I have been working on this beautiful legwarmers by Angela Rangel:
They knit up surprisingly quickly (once I sit down to knit actually!) so I hope to have them finished soon - I wear a lot of skirts so these are a must have for this weather!

I have also cast on for Cria, I've been tempted for a while and I need a fairly simple project I can take on the bus (knitting the above legwarmers on the moving bus + cables + two-at-the-time = disaster, so I leave them at home now).

So what have you been knitting?

And of course check out Tami Amis for more inspirations!

Much love x


  1. I love the yarn you're using for Cria - one of my favourite things is seeing someone else knit the same pattern as me, because it always amazes me how different they can look :) It feels like quite a slog to get through the body (at least it did for me) but it is so cute that it's worth it ;)

  2. Love the design on the leg warmers, they look nice and warm!

  3. Ooh, pretty Cria! I am completely smitten with that book, everything in it is so gorgeous. Short sleeves or long?

  4. Two at a time would be too much for me on the bus as well! It's pretty cold around here so it's just as well the legwarmers are knitting up quickly. They're cute!

  5. Oh, those legwarmers are beautiful! Love those cables!

  6. Great leg warmers, I love the idea of two at a time! Pretty yarn for your Cria.


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