Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Summer, summer in the city!

This is a very overdue post. I was planning on posting this before I went off to sunny Valencia, unfortunately whowever is working on time machine, has not invented it yet and my allowance of hours per day is still meagre. On the plus side, there are some lovely photos full of sunshine to follow!
Below is my summer/holiday must-knit list

Remember the Witterings? The damned tubular cast off? Yup, nightmare. As I said last time, I came up with my own cast off method. Here's the final effect:

I'm very very glad I didn't give up on it. It's wonderfully fold-able and very comfortable. It protects perfectly from the sun so I didn't have to carry my sunglasses.

Another very handy knitted garment was my Seaside Ruffle, a cotton skirt. I was a bit worried it may be too heavy and slide down my hips because it's knitted in Rowan Handknit Cotton, but I had no such problem. It's very comfortable and retained its shape beautifully.

Iron Man approved ;o)

I wore my Hattie several times too - it was a bliss to have as it's loose and doesn't irritate poor sunburn skin. I'm thinking of making another one, smaller size and knee-lenght.

For bikini cover-up I took Lacy Beach Halter, again made using CotLin (did I mention it's my favourite yarn? ;o)). It only took 3 skeins so it's a great stash buster!

And finally, Malabrigo sleeping mask because it's quite hard to have a lie in when the intensive sun is trying to wake you up!

I have many summer items in my queue, and I really hope we may get some sunshine here in England this year. So far unfortunately I've been wearing my Cromarty because it's so windy and chilly!

I got little knitting done while we were in Valencia (not that I'm complaining ;o)) so when we decided to spend day on a beach and just relax, I took my five skeins of Rowan Kid Classic (Do you know how difficult it is to wash out sand from mohair wool?? Ask me how I know!) and worked on Fairytale Seas. Not to mention I got uncomfortable knitting while lying on my tummy so I decided to sacrifice my even tan and sat up. Everything would be great, if I was smart enough to apply suncream on my exposed sides. Nevertheless, cowl is finished, but I'm sunburnt on the sides and I look like something tried to chew me.

I have then resorted to knitting in the beautiful Turia River Park (well, we were too lobster-like to go out on the beach again....)



  1. I know I've said it before that you wear your hand knits so well! I got some yarn on the weekend and plan to knit a "perfectly fitted" summer cardigan using a linen/rayon blend.

    I'm off to take a peek at your queue.

    p.s. will you be at Woolfest or Knit Nation this year?

  2. Loads of cute garments! Love the skirt and the beach halter :)

  3. @ewenique: Yes, I'll be at Knit Nation in July - are you too going?
    And thank you for the compliment :o)

  4. So many great projects. I like you big hat:) Judy


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