Friday, 24 June 2011

FO Friday: Leaving a jet plane...

Well, not really, since I'm back in UK but I'm going to present you my two most travelled FO's.

Firstly, I started on my Fairytales Seas as it's an easy and mindless knitting project. As such, it was much needed so I took it everywhere. My co-workers thought I lost my marbles when I brought to work mohair/wool blend (not that they know the difference, but "it looked fuzzy and warm") at the beginning of June.
My cowl firstl travelled a little bit around Sussex (nothing special there), then a bit further to Arundel Castle (pretty, but OMG so overpriced)

I then thought long about taking it on our Easyjet flight to Valencia. After researching I managed to establish that it is safe to take bamboo needles on the plane and I was set to go.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find right bamboo circulars at such a short notice to take with me on board so I had to think about another option. About that in a minute.

Since I had no other easy project on my needles at the time, I took Fairytale Seas to Valencia (despite mum trying to convince me that this kind of wool is not really suited for a hot country). Turns out it came in handy when I sun burnt my bum and had to entertain myself while standing (sitting wasn't really an option for the first day!).
Quick check of the weather on our last day, and I knew I had to finish it before we land back in UK to prevent me from freezing.

Quick re-do of the seaming later, it's done!

It's such a great stash busting project, I will totally be making another one in various shades of blue that I accumulated to balance out my stash.

Now, once I knew I won't be able to take the above cowl on board, I figured out Easyjet said nothing about crocheting on board. I got two crochet hooks off eBay, this gorgeous pattern for Forget-me-knot frilly cape and hooked on!
After a lot of YouTube-ing and help from my mum  (I used to crochet when I was about 10, then gave it up for boys   studying) I completed the base before take off and then carried on with ruffles on board.
Although, me being me, I picked out gorgeous shade of CotLin - Blackberry - as you can guess, it's purple so dark it's nearly black. Not very handy when you're a newbie crocheter attempting to get some work done on a badly lit plane!

Instead of sewing ribbon in, I made a chain with yarn held double and here's the result:
I'm really amazed by the simplicity yet effectiveness of this pattern. It can be easily done in a couple of days and requires only minimal knowledge of crochet.

Modelled photos to follow since the cat was not willing to do that and I don't have my photographer on hand :o)

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  1. Wow, you did that with little knowledge of crochet? That's awesome!
    The cowl looks really lovely and comfy too.

  2. Love the colors you have on your looks very squishy and comfy..

  3. Beautiful projects and gorgeous scenery! Great post!

  4. A castle is the perfect setting for a fairytale(seas), yes? Your photos are BEAUTIFUL. I'm really digging your capelet!


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