Saturday, 9 April 2011

Step away from the needles, ma'am

So my mum is coming to visit in June. She's getting a bit worried about getting lost, finding her way around the town, understandably. My dad, who knows about my knitting passion, but never ever saw my stash, just heard what I'm buying, came up with a brilliant idea: he suggested that because I have so much yarn, my mum should take a few skeins when she goes out, unravel them as she goes, and then ravel them back as she comes back to the apartment.
Surely I don't have that mush stash to be a joke in a family, right?

It's a beautiful morning here, hubby is gone ("No, honey, totally, I really need all this yarn. And a little bit some more") and pulled out all my yarn and put it proudly on our king size bed.

Excluded are skeins attached to various projects, that would add another ~10 balls I think. And some random, half tangled skeins that had pleasure of meeting the cat.

I'm actually surprised how much blue and green shades I have.

And my fairly modest pink/purple collection (note to self: need to expand it):

Amber made sure all yarn was accounted for and made notes in her little kitty diary about which ones she wants to play next when I'm at work.



  1. Oh my gosh whatever are you going to make with all of this and I thought I was bad...You are a Yarn Stash Superstar, really.

  2. oh my, I am green with envy!

    see what did there? ;) bah, it was a cheap shot.

    but that IS quite the stash!

  3. Thank you! I have many projects in mind for my stash, sadly, as they say, too much yarn, too little time :o)

  4. So many gorgeous colors! I really envy you! I've only a small stash.

  5. Nice stash! I'm envious :)

  6. so many gorgeous colours!!.wish i was the cat!! :) is it wrong that i love stroking my yarn lmao..:)

  7. @ Danielle, yeah me too! Nothing wrong with petting yarn, it is proven to have therapeutical effects :o)


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