Thursday, 7 April 2011

Colour Me Pink!

I’m fashionably (or not) late for wip Wednesday. Working on Erquy is a dream; I can’t believe that pattern so simple can be so effective. Colours really remind of a basket of summer berries.

Here are some of my progress photos

Quality and softness approved by Amber The Yarn Inspector

Seems like today’s theme is pink, so may I please introduce you to my new set of babies.
I’ve been trying to find my perfect needles for some time, starting off at aluminium Pony needles, as those were easily available in any LYS. However, they are very slippery and I tend to knit loosely, so not the best combination. Cue: see my other posts about my knitted items turning out to be elephant-sized FOs.

Some time ago I discovered KnitPicks needles or KnitPro as they’re known in UK and fell in love with Harmony Wood. At the time I was working on acrylics/wool mostly. However, when I picked up few balls of cotton blends Harmony Wood knitting became terribly tiring and uncomfortable. I knit fairly quickly and rely on my stitches to slip off the top of the needles, I don’t really fancy wrestling with each and every one trying to pull it or push it off it. One row of Hattie (259 sts as far as I remember) and I had enough. They were making me knit very tightly and my wrists hurt. I switched back to aluminium and continued my search.
And then came Zephyr/Spectra needles. I only noticed them really because of the funky colours and slightly see-through design. I wanted them for some time and recently Meadow Yarns had 20% off them so I had to have them. They arrived yesterday and O M G I’m in love.

First of all, they are pink. They deserve best needles award just for that. I mean, 6 months ago I thought the only needles you could ever get were grey and was dreaming of having pink needles.
I also love how cables match them in colour!
I took for a little test drive and they have more grip than aluminium ones, but are not as tricky to work with as Harmony wood. They also feel a bit sturdier – when I work with my 3mm or 3.25mm Harmonies I’m convinces I will break them sooner or later and I’m just waiting to the cracking sound.
They’re also very light.

Now as for the yarn, they work beautifully with cotton blend and thin 4ply wool. I tried them with Wool of The Andes Worsted and I think I may need more practice. Stitches don’t slip as easily as while using aluminium needles, but this may be a good thing considering my gauge woes. A little practice is all I need. Over the coming weekend I plan to knit small swatches in yarns I’m most likely to use.
Overall, I’m very pleased with Zephyr/Spectra. However, if only KnitPro made needles in sizes below 3mm I would be even more delighted.



  1. I love my Harmony's, but I have them in both wood and metal. Not every yarn is right for wood. I have heard great things about the Zephyr. Thanks for posting about them.
    Oh and very cute kitty. Is Amber always so helpful?

  2. You're right, it takes time to find best combination.
    Yes, Amber is always oh-so-helpful and I don't think any knitting-related item can be brought home until it's fully inspected by her :o)


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