Monday, 7 March 2011

Making a tassel and attaching it (Tutorial)

One of the many reasons I love creating knitted items is the endless possibility of customising them. You can change colours, add beads, make things shorter or longer, embroid details, all the works. One of the simplest, most fun things to add on to knitting is a tassel.

Here’s my guide to making a tassel and fixing it on a scarf.

You will need:
*darning needle
*piece of cardboard.

1. First, choose the length you want your tassels to be. Then add about 1-2cm as you will need to trim it. Cut the cardboard to be a long rectangle.
Next you will need strings of yarn that are about 3 time long as the tassel length. Put them away for now.

Take ball of yarn and wrap around the cardboard piece, beginning at the bottom. Choose how fluffy you want your tassel to be, mine is wrapped 5 times each side, so it will have 10 strands.

3. Now thread one of the strings of yarn through tapestry needles. Pull the needle with the yarn under the yarn wrapped around the cardboard.

Tie the end together, making sure the shorter piece of yarn string (the one without the needle) is slightly longer than the tassel length. Pull the shorter end of the yarn so it joins other stands of yarn in the tassel.

4. Cut the yarn wrapped around the cardboard at the bottom and remove the cardboard piece.

5. With the longer end of yarn still thread through the darning needle wrap it a few times around the tassel about 2 cm from the top to create “head” of the tassel..

6. Now take the darning needle with the remaining piece of yarn and pull it through the “head”. Pull out at the top of the tassel.

7. Remove the needle and voila, your first tassel is ready. Trim to required lenght.
Repeat for the number of tassels required.

Attaching tassels

1. Once you have all the tassels you need, take the piece you want to attach them to. In my case it’s a scarf. Thread needle through the yarn sticking out of the top of the tassel and thread it between stitches on the cast on/cast off edge of your knitting.

2. Tie the yarn and knitting edge securely and using the remaining end with the needle, push the needle through the top of the tassel so it comes out below the “head”.

3. Remove the needle and your tassel is in place!

PS. Of course there is a reason for me to post this -  I will be posting a pattern for a scarf with tassels very soon! Very excited!



  1. Thanks for posting this. It seems like such a simple thing, but mine never seem to come out just right. Now I know what I've been doing wrong.

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