Monday, 21 February 2011

Silence of the yarn

It's really not like I gave up knitting or blogging for a while.
It’s just that the sume of my “usual” pick-me-ups in the recent weeks look like this:

# of bubble baths = 0
# of times I got up after 6.15am = 0
# of times I had to use dry shampoo (yuck) due to lack of time  > 0
# of teas drank per day (average) = what you should not exceed + app. 10
# of nights I slept more than 7 hrs a day = 0
# of days I watched Greys Anatomy real time, not on reruns = 0

So it’s not been a great few weeks. Intstead, I have been doing this

6.15am – 8.15am  this:

9am – 5pm work

6.30pm – 10pm – this: - 10.15pm feel sorry for myself for not being able to knit more during the day, pet my yarn and shed a tiny tear. At the all time low, text YON friend or hubbs (Yarn-obsessed-NOT ) and moan, much to their non understanding and lack of proper support)

11pm go to bed.

Yes, the cat no longer recognizes me and no, I haven’t found the solutions to the equation yet - but I have the nth idea how to do this, yay!

It seems though that the more my brain is pressed with mathematical formulas, the more creative it becomes. In the past few weeks, I have come up with three patterns, I have written in all out in Excel (this goes into “work” section of the day, sorry boss) and ordered yarn & needles to make the projects.

I have now finished the hooters so I will be working on first of my projects soon.

Here’s a peak!

Re: hooters, on another note. My gauge was fine.
But clearly having blues is contagious and mid-sweater the gauge decided to wander away to ponder its own existential pains and it never came back... the sweater is pretty but definitely not fitted ;-)

Oh and the note to self:
Coming to the office proudly wearing your just finished OWL sweater and shouting excitedly while pointing at your boobs “ Check out my hooters!!” is not the best idea to start Monday.


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