Sunday, 13 February 2011

DPNs aka poking :-(

My dpns arrived yesterday. Altough all I ever knitted on dpns was a thumb gusset for my Bella Mittens, I decided to sacrify myself and my nerves and knit sleeves for my hooters as required by pattern.

Now, sleeves... where do I start?
I hate sleeves.
I especially hate long sleeves, I always pull them up or scrunch them up. So, obvious choice, I'm knitting 3/4 sleeves. After doing some more-or-less correct gauge calculations around 1am last night I casted on  36 38 42 40 stitches. I will increase to 44 in the next two rounds after I finish ribbing.

So my battle with dpns began. I started off with working 4 needles but quickly realised that if I don't want to look something like this:

I have to stop immediately. I mean I love swiss cheese to bits, but not when my tummy starts to look like one!

So, right now, I'm working on 3 dpns and an extra one which I finally figured out how to use! During my previous attempts I put my stitches on, 4 needles, and knit in the round, i.e. knitting stitches from one dpn to another one. So at the end of a round I had like 60% stitches on one needles, and 40% on the other one. I will then knit from the 60% needles using 40% needle. Hard to explain, trust me, even harder to master ;-)

This is my current set-up, although I swear my dpns are NOT luminous!!

PS. An update! DPNs are going great, I'm already 1/2 way in. It took a few attempts to stop pulling the wrong needle out but now I'm totally converted. Magic

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