Friday, 11 February 2011


My long awaited package with Knit Picks Wool of Andes Bulky arrived yesterday!! I got straight to knitting my Owls, however, I soon realised that the reason 60cm needles were needed according to pattern was that, well, they were needed. Unfortunately, local LYS never heard of that length of a circular needles, eBay search brought results at the price that I could actually buy a whole new project yarn for the sweater so I gave up and ordered 40cm ones. It may no be perfect for trying on (I wish I had a waist like that!) but hey, at least I’ve got the right size.

I must say though I see why this sweater is a slim fit with no or negative eas. Being used to knitting with acrylics, Andes feel wonderfully...stiff – not in a bad way, but in a way that “I’m a good quality yarn, I hold my shape and no soft squashing will make me loose my shape”. I’m very excited about this project and already are eyeing up different colours and debating whether to get them from US (slightly cheaper) or UK (I’ll get them sooner)

I was so desperate to get on with the owls, that I broke the sane-person-rule and took my knitting onto the morning rush hour train. I did final row of ribbing only to realise that I actually forgot those 40cm needles!! Since my waist hasn’t reached the size of 80cm yet, I had to put knitting on hold and sulkily came back to knitting my Spring Ashley Hat, which is coming around lovely.
The things is, the more I knit it, the more I love it, and the more I don’t want to finish it.... since I have nothing green, I’ll have to knit along some mittens, some scarf or  a cowl and here we go again!


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